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Welcome to Curlyvita.com, I’m excited to share this experience with you!

Here you’ll find a celebration of life, motherhood, curly hair, diversity, beauty, and more!

My love for writing began as a child when I would write poems and short stories. I started freelance writing and blogging professionally in 2014 and served as a contributing writer for Bebe Michelle NaturalsMultiCultiGirl and, Mygirlsquad.  After years of writing for other hair & beauty companies, I decided it was time to start my own blog!

When my daughter Tatiana was born, I found a way to marry my love for her with my love for writing. It was Tati’s beautiful spirit that inspired my very first children’s book—The Girl With The Magical Curls. It’s a story about a little girl who develops superhero-like, magical powers thanks to her naturally curly hair! She learns to love and accept her curls just the way they are! This story is about self-love, self-identity and self-care amongst women from all backgrounds!

Check out my blog posts and where you can purchase various formats of the book!

I am a proud wife and mother residing in New Jersey. Not only do I have over 10 years of professional experience working in the higher education sector,  I am also a graduate of Fordham University’s School of Religion and Religious Education and received a Bachelor’s degree from Rowan University School of Communications. My favorite colors are: pink, black, turquoise and lavender. I enjoy traveling, reading, writing, taking nature walks, spending time with friends and family, and meditation.

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