Adventures of a Curly-Haired Girl

Hello friends,

Happy 2022!

I hope everyone and their families are safe and in good health.
I’m writing to let you know that I am working on several writing projects.

One of the projects is an affirmation book for children, which I am so excited about! Second, a young adult book featuring a multicultural Jewish heroine with a mix of fantasy and science fiction.
Third, part 2 of The Girl with the Magical Curls! The second installment is going to be called, Adventures of a Curly-Haired Girl.

Some of the differences from the previous book will highlight, the main character Tatiana as a curly-haired superhero! She will take on new challenges to help others one curl at a time!
About two months ago, I worked with a professional editor to produce the best version possible.

I’ve sent my manuscript to a few traditional publishers so far, just in case (fingers crossed).
If I decide to self-publish again, I came across a talented illustrator who made the sketches of Tatiana above.

I love her detail in recreating my curly-girl and wanted to share her work as I will most likely be working with her!

In the meantime, enjoy the sneak peak from Adventures of a Curly-Haired Girl!

More to come…

With gratitude,

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