I am excited to share that I launched my first children’s book, The Girl With The Magical Curls!!! The book is available for purchase on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble! Click the links within the article or go to my ‘Shop’ page to purchase from either store online.

The inspiration for my book came from my daughter Tatiana and the Dove, Love Your Curls commercial. After watching the commercial, I thought it would be a great idea to create a little girl superhero with curly hair! Who better to serve as the main character than my daughter Tatiana? During this time, Tatiana was starting to question her hair type. She noticed that a lot of her friends had straight hair. A majority of images and characters that she was seeing mostly had straight hair.

I wanted to create a story for those little girls like my daughter, who could have a character to look up to! A character that looked like them and shared the blessing of having curly hair. I felt like there were not enough children’s books celebrating us curly girls and the beauty of our hair. In relation to my daughter and her character, I used my daughter’s own personality, perseverance and adventurous curiosity in throughout the book to create the character.

The Girl With The Magical Curls is a story about a little girl who learns to love her curls and accidentally discovers her ringlets have a mind of their own! In the beginning, Tatiana secretly desired to have long, straight hair like Rapunzel. When she comes across a mysterious bottle of hair growth oil, she wonders is this the answer to all of her straight hair dreams? Little does she know, she will have not what she wished for but most important to Love Her Curls. The messages in this story are relatable to not just children but parents as well; loving your hair, loving yourself, self-acceptance and self-empowerment amongst young girls (and boys too).

Love Your Curls!

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