Making Effective Vision Boards Using Your Smartphone

Dear friends,

I recently created my first YouTube video about how to make effective vision boards using your smartphone!

I’m so excited to share this video as I want to help others achieve their goals since vision boarding has been working for me for years!

In this video I use an app called Collage able (Photo Collage) that is entirely FREE and very basic and easy to use to create mobile vision boards.

If vision boards have worked for you in the past or present, I advise you to share your journey on my page. I love hearing from those who are students of manifesting.

I am a visual person, I have to see it to give it any merit.

Also I have found that saying affirmations and putting them on your vision board is very powerful.

Tip: Include pictures of you, your loved ones or friends on your vision board to manifest even stronger!

Enjoy the video below.

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