Maximizing Our Finances in 2021 Pt. 1

I love passive income.

Ideas are always entering my mind regarding passive income.

Passive Income Affirmation by You Are Creators founder, Justin Perry

I quoted this passive income affirmation from one of my favorite speakers about the Law of Attraction, You Are Creators Founder, Justin Perry.

This affirmation was one of many that, motivated me last year to recognize that I had examples of passive income in my life. There was nothing wrong with aspiring to add more passive income ideas.

What is passive income?

Passive income is income that requires little or no effort to earn or maintain.

I’m going to talk about the ways in which I discovered that you could make passive income with the resources that you already have! For instance, many of us are still grocery shopping in the stores and at home. Well, wouldn’t you like to not only spend money on the items that you need but also to earn cash back on what you buy!

Check out my favorite go to cash back apps to earn cash back below!

Whether you are going to the grocery store, getting gas or ordering from Amazon, it’s a win win for everyone!

Cash Back Apps:

Ibotta- I’ve been with ibotta for 6 years and it’s one of my absolute favs! You can earn cash back on items from specific grocery stores based on your location. You can also earn cashback while shopping at some of your favorite stores like, Amazon, Home Depot or Walmart. Most of the online cash back earnings are that you get 1% – 3% each purchase.

To create an account sign up with any email or link your Facebook page. If you have a specific store that you shop at, type it in the search bar. For instance, CVS or Target. There you will see a list of items including the amount of cash back you will earn.

Click my link here if you want to sign up for ibotta!

When you reach $20 you can cash out PayPal, Venmo, Amazon Gift Cards, Target Gift Cards and many more!

Coin out- Coin out is one of my newest favorite apps that I have been with for a little over a year. With coin out you just submit a receipt, that’s it! No searching for products to add to your list for cash back. Upload a receipt and get immediate cash back which varies based on the store. Coin out does have some in-store cash back items based on per store per product. You can also earn cash back when you sign up for a new e-trade app or a financial firm and you can earn cash back while shopping at selected stores online. Each week Coin out sends a newsletter with its sweepstakes and or quizzes to win extra cash in your wallet!

Use my link to sign up for Coinout today!

Fetch – Fetch differs from the other apps in the sense that points represent cash back earnings. Every receipt that you scan gets you points! You can look up items based on brands and each brand is worth a certain number of points.

When you sign up you will get $2 from Fetch after you upload your first receipt!

Click here to sign up!

Let’s spread and build wealth together!

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