Rebecca and the Time Traveling Locket

Greetings friends,

I wanted to share with you another writing project that I’m working on.

The title of this blog is the name of the book however, that could be subject to change.

This story will be a young adult book and includes elements of science fiction and fantasy.

The main character Rebecca is a female teenage heroine, who is preparing for her Bat Mitzvah (coming of age ceremony for Jewish girls, age 13) as her family are conservative with Sephardic Jewish lineage.

She finds a locket shaped like a Hamsa (see photo above) near her synagogue. While putting it on she discovers it has supernatural powers that can travel her back into time.

Here’s a snippet of the story next to the photo above. I’m also explaining the origins of the Hamsa, which can be found in Middle Eastern culture equally between Jewish and Muslim religious traditions.

I will be sharing more blog entries about this story and others.



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