Saving the World, One Curl at a Time


Have you ever met a girl with magical curls? 

Curls so long and wild she could glide through the sky


This excerpt is from my new children’s book, The Girl With The Magical Curls.  I wrote this book with the intentions to promote self-awareness, acceptance, and empowerment amongst little girls. This book is for the little girls who have been victims of society’s biased standards of beauty. Specifically, victims that have been told, curly hair is not professional/is not beautiful. In addition, this book is for boys who suffer from similar stigmas. The stigma that curly hair is something that needs to be hidden (under a baseball cap) or tamed in an updo.

The Girl With The Magical Curls is about a little girl named Tatiana who learns self-acceptance and self-love. After finding a mysterious bottle of oil, her hair grows long and develops a mind of its own. In addition, Tatiana uses her hair to help out at home and becomes a neighborhood superhero. But overall, this incident causes her to love herself and to help others.

Dove, the health and beauty company, launched a Love Your Curls campaign in 2015. According to statistics from that time, 10% of women feel proud of their curls and only 4 out of 10 curly-haired girls think their hair is beautiful.  In writing this book, my hope was to increase the number to 100% of girls and women to think their hair is beautiful. Our concept of beauty starts when we are young. I’d love for my character Tatiana to become a positive figure for little girls to look up to. Perhaps the little girls reading my book will say, ‘finally there’s someone who I can relate to, and she has curly hair and is proud of it.’



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